Playing/Session Files

Stories from my playing and studio experiences

Putting on the Tres Sombreros of the Studio

Anatomy of a Recording: The Smile in Her Eyes

Anatomy of a Song: The Smile in Her Eyes

Overcoming "Red Light Fever"   An Interesting Mastering Job

Technology Fights Progress?

The Recording Studio and the Circus Parade

The Odd Business of "Throughput" in the Studio

Restoring a Little Piece of History   Scoring The Underground Railroad

An Accidental Scoring Session   Layering Electric Guitars  The Advantages of Skill... and DNA

Forgive me for I have sinned...   A Classic Recording No-No   Guitared Out?

My Encounter With a Quiet Professional   A Guitar Center Moment

A Surprise Cure for Stage Fright   Therapeutic Guitar

A "Big Little" TV Gig   One Cold Show   An Old Analog Friend

Revisiting an Old Song Friend   A "Boot Camp" Wedding Gig